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Keepsake Elite® Shell - Water or Earth Scattering Biodegradable Cremation Urn For Ashes, Ocean Burial at Sea

Keepsake Elite® Shell - Water or Earth Scattering Biodegradable Cremation Urn For Ashes, Ocean Burial at Sea

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💦 FLOATS ON WATER 💦 for 1-5 Minutes. Float Times Vary Depending on Water Condition and Amount of Ashes. It will Float Briefly, Then Sink Gracefully and Break Down Naturally Over Time. SCATTER ASHES IN WATER WITH EASE

✔︎ HOW TO USE ✔︎ Place Ashes in Biodegradable Bag (provided). Attach the Lid to the Bowl With Biodegradable Glue and 10 Clips (provided). Remove Clips Before Burial. Giving Your Loved One a Beautiful Memorial in the Water is Now Possible with this Biodegradable Water Urn. Scatter Cremated Ashes in a Reverent and Dignified Funeral Ceremony.

KEEPSAKE ELITE® SHELL Biodegradable Urn by Earth Memorials is a burial urn for a water burial because it is a floating urn. This Biodegradable Urn for Human Ashes is an Eco Burial Urn, with Beautiful Shiny Shell on the Art Piece.

📐 SIZE 📐 Small 9 Inches in length Keepsake Elite®  Size, 7 Cubic Inches. In cremation, you typically need 1 cubic inch per pound.  So a 100 pound person would need 100 cubic inch urn.  You can also include just a portion of ashes. 

♻️BIODEGRADABLE URN ♻️100% Eco-Friendly for Ground or Water Burial, Scatter Cremated Human Ashes at a Funeral or Burial Ceremony in a Peaceful Way with a Eco Burial Urn that is safe for the Earth. A Lovely Biodegradable Urn for Human Ashes for a Cremation Urn. Eco Burial Urns are a Great Option to Give Back to Mother Nature by Leaving the Smallest Footprint When a Loved One Dies.

❤︎ EARTH MEMORIALS MISSION STATEMENT ❤︎ We Strive to Make a Beautiful Biodegradable Urn for Spreading a Loved One’s Ashes and Save Mother Earth by Going Green at a Funeral Ceremony.

💦 PERFECT WATER BURIAL URN 💦 Excellent Dispersion at Sea For Human Ashes. This Eco Water Urn by Earth Memorials Floats in Freshwater As Well Ocean Water. This Biodegradable Urn for Ashes can also be Buried in the Earth for a Ground Burial.

🌎  EARTH MEMORIALS 🌎 also sells a 100% Biodegradable Urn Box for an Affordable Cremation Urn that can be used in a Water or Earth Scattering Urn. The box will not float like the water scattering urns. The Biodegradable box will gradually sink as soon as it is placed in the water. Click on Earth Memorials Storefront to See Complete Line of Products.

✈️THE URNS ARE TSA APPROVED ✈️ You may need to present TSA agents at security with 2 things: 1. The Death Certificate 2. Certificate of Cremation (a copy of the Disposition Permit) which you receive from the crematory. Travelers are allowed to travel with cremains in a checked bag, but it is recommended to do so in a carry-on bag. 🎫 CERTIFICATE OF BIODEGRADABLE INCLUDED🎫 Most Cruise Ships Require This to Certify The Urn is Biodegradable Before Releasing in the Ocean. 🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸

🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 The decorative urn will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the water. Therefore, it can be used for a water burial right away or it can be used to hold ashes for years to come until you would like to release the ashes back to nature. Made with Clay and Cotton.

Highly detailed urn will float briefly, then sink gracefully and break down naturally over time. This biodegradable cremation urn is a beautiful biodegradable urn for human ashes. Giving your loved one a beautiful memorial in a body of water is now possible with the Favorite Place®  biodegradable water urn. The unique water urn gives you the ability to scatter ashes in a reverent and dignified way.  This Eco Burial Urn is an urn for cremation that is safe for the environment and can also be used for a ground burial.

The Biodegradable Urn Boxes are also safe for a "Green" funeral ceremony.  They will not biodegradable until they get wet, so you can keep them on display until you are ready to place urn back into mother nature.

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