Earth Memorials Mission Statement

❤︎ We Make a Beautiful Biodegradable Urn to Help Spread a Loved One’s Ashes Back to Nature and Save Mother Earth by Going Green at a Funeral Ceremony.❤︎

Biodegradable Urn Box Large

💦 PERFECT WATER BURIAL URN OR LAND BURIAL 🌎 This Large Biodegradable Urn Box is Safe for Water and Land. In Water it will Sink Gracefully and Break Down Naturally Over Time.  If You Want An Urn That Floats, Order Our Water Scattering Urns That Come With A Bowl.  SCATTER ASHES WITH EASE

Urn in the Ocean Water

  • Max P.

    I ordered the Oceanside Shell Coral Sea Urn because my wife requested her ashes be scattered in the Gulf of Mexico and she loved going to the beach so this urn seemed like the best for her.

  • Alisa M.

    Foolfproof and respectful way to scatter ashes in the ocean.

  • Laura S.

    This was sooo memorable, beautiful, easy to use and unforgettable. It kept all the ashes perfectly. Took about 4.5 minutes to sink and it was perfect 💖