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The popularity of scattering a loved one’s ashes at sea is steadily growing. However, scattering ashes directly overboard can be troublesome because the ashes will drift around and can stick to the bottom of the boat. “The Lily at Peace” Urn is a wonderful urn to assist in scattering ashes. This Urn is 200 cubic inches, made of clay and cotton, and 100% biodegradable. The clay and cotton pick up every detail and the leaves are lifelike. 9 leaves are placed in a circle to create an astonishing large 21 inch length across custom urn.  It will float briefly, then sink gracefully and break down naturally over time. The Urn will begin to biodegrade only when it gets wet or is buried in the ground. Simply place a loved ones ashes in a biodegradable water soluble bag that is included. Then place the bag in the bowl. The bowl attaches to the bottom of the urn with biodegradable glue and clips. Remove the clips before burial. The bowl has a 5” flat base so it can beautifully sit on display during a ceremony. Depending on water condition, it can float anywhere from about 1 minute (rough water) to over 5 minutes (calm water). Simply place a loved ones ashes in a biodegradable water soluble bag that is included. Then place the bag in the bowl. The bowl attaches to the lid of the urn design with biodegradable glue and 20 clips. Remove the clips before burial. Includes urn, glue, clips, biodegradable bag, instructions. This urn is part of the Favorite Place® burial series. Clay and Cotton based, Made in the USA. These urns are good for a Water Burial Urn, scattering ashes at sea, eco burial, water urn, water scattering urn, biodegradable urn for human ashes or an earth burial urn for cremation. Visit the Storefront “Earth Memorials” to see the Lovely Engraved Keepsake Elite® Stand Monument. These Personalized Engraved Stands, (Message Engraved in Brass) are Kept Forever, start at $14.95!

This burial urn is a wonderful biodegradable burial urn for a water burial urn because it is a floating urn. The box it ships in is 24 x 24 x 7 inches. The urn itself is 21” in diameter. A beautiful and peaceful water scattering urn.

Eco Burial Urns are a great option to give back to mother nature by leaving the smallest footprint of when a loved one dies. This funeral urn for human ashes is an eco-friendly urn.

A biodegradable urn for human ashes that floats on the water. An Eco Burial Urn is an urn for cremation that is safe for the environment. This biodegradable cremation urn (The Lily at Peace) is a beautiful biodegradable Urn for human ashes. Giving your loved one a beautiful memorial in a body of water is now possible with the Favorite Place®  biodegradable water urn. The unique water urn gives you the ability to scatter ashes in a reverent and dignified way. The Lily at Peace Urn is 100% all natural and biodegradable. The urn itself is made from cotton and clay. The decorative urn will not biodegrade unless it is placed in the water. Therefore, it can be used for a water burial right away or it can be used to hold ashes for years to come until you would like to release the ashes back to nature.

SIZE: The Lily at Peace Urn by Earth Memorials is designed to hold 200 cubic inches. It is large enough to hold all of a person's ashes that weighed 200 pounds. In cremation, you typically need 1 cubic inch per pound. So a 100 pound person would need 100 cubic inch urn. You can also include just a portion of ashes. This is the case when families split up the remains among family and friends or if they simply want to use the remains for different keepsake urns.